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Welcome to DDAC, where your dream of becoming a pilot is about to take flight. By showing interest, you’ve already displayed the courage and commitment it takes to conquer the skies. Here’s what you can expect from our world-class Flight Training Program.

  • Benefits:
    • “Personalized Training from Experienced Pilots.”
    • “Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience.”
    • “Cutting-Edge Simulation and Real-Flight Training.”
  • Features:
    • “One-on-One Classroom Sessions.”
    • “Weekend Flight Schedules.”
    • “Top-of-the-Line Aircraft for Training.”
  • Testimonials: “I couldn’t believe how quickly I went from knowing nothing about flying to piloting my first solo flight. This program is the real deal!” — Definitely a Real Person
  • Reviews: ★★★★★ “Highly Recommended for Aspiring Pilots!”

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